Pioneer Christian School was organized in 1988 in the home of founder and school principal, Stuart Booth. Stuart believed that it was his responsibility along with his wife's to make sure their children received a biblical worldview education.

In September 1992 PCS came under the direction and supervision of Sword & Shield Ministries. Sword & Shield Ministries is a youth ministry that promotes a biblical worldview through the teaching of Christian Apologetics. Sword & Shield Ministries operates as a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit corporation in the state of Colorado. Names of board members for Sword & Shield Ministries are listed at the end of this handbook.

The very backbone of PCS is that all who work here are made up of parents and grandparents of students who attend PCS, and other volunteers who believe in the purpose of PCS.

More important than the academic education, which prepares a student to go on to college or enter the workforce, is the spiritual and moral teaching they receive. It is interwoven in all subject matters we teach. We believe that young people must see that Jesus Christ and their Christianity cannot be separated from anything they do.

Sword & Shield Ministries Board Members

  • Stuart Booth
  • Vernon Dillon
  • Cliff Schulz
  • Mike Stricker