7th-8th Grades

Our junior high program (grades 7-8) builds on the foundations set in our Primary School program. PCS Junior High school students take the fundamental rules and begin to master the logic, or the ordered relationships, of these rules. By understanding these ordered relationships students are enabled to recognize, critique, and begin to emulate the truly excellent in any subject. More importantly, they are able to grasp the integrated nature of all subjects and their relationship to Truth as found in the God's nature.

7th-8th Curriculum



9th-12th Grades

Students in our high school program (grades 9-12) use the fundamentals of grammar and the relationships of logic to begin to clearly express and masterfully handle the truth and beauty found in each subject. It is this rhetoric stage of learning that students begin to create truly excellent works of their own, and then learn to subject these works to the scrutiny of God's truth.

Most importantly, we seek to develop all PCS students into disciples of Christ—Godly men and women who understand Christ's intimate relationship with them. We accomplish this by showing how all areas of academia and life are to be viewed in the light of God's truth. Put simply, all that we do is done for the glory of the triune God.

9th-12th Curriculum

*Additional elective courses may be offered as staff is added. Examples: Choir and Drama.
*Some electives will alternate days with Physical Education or other electives